"Who would have thought that in 1930 this Swiss lumberjack Adolf Wölfli, a non-musician, would have hidden 5,000 scores in his 25,000 drawings?"

From 1900 to 1930 the Swiss farmer and lumberjack Adolf Wölfli was interned at the Waldau Hospital in Bern. At his death, he left in his room a colossal work of 25,000 drawings of which 5000 of them contain indecipherable notes of music. After 80 years during which these notes remain decorative, the chance pushes Baudouin to jaer to discover the key of deciphering that will applies without exception to all the partitions of Wôllfi. From this incredible moment, Jaer is taken into this extraordinary adventure: Wolfli weaves into each other steps to folk sounds that succulent seems all 5000  different.


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