Baudouin de Jaer was born in Alost on March 9, 1962. He began playing the violin at the age of 7 in Richard Kegelart's class at the Waterloo Music Academy. During his childhood he grew up in classical music, mainly in the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Passions, Cantatas and Suites for Cello. He improvises with his family, composes for his group Hard blow at the soft (piano, guitar, bass, drums) and at the age of 16, writes his first composition 12 violins, contrabass and percussion for students of the violin class. The piece will be created in 2018 at Belgium Music Days in Leuven by the students of the Royal Conservatory of Music of Mons under the direction of Daniel Gazon. For 12 years, he spends his free time in the countryside working on the farms, observing nature, it strengths, it cycles, movements of planets, all illustrated in a first test of somewhat philosophical text “Where the sun places its power”. At 17, he heard Haydn's string quartet, Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. He changed course and in 1980 he returned to the Royal Conservatory of Music of Liège directed by Henri Pousseur. He follows classes in harmony, analysis, pedagogy and improvisation classes with Garet List. He took Leopold Douin's violin lessons at the Gretry Academy and then at the Conservatoire de Liège. In 1985 he really find his way to musical composition by following the course of Frederic Rzewski which he became one of his two assistants from 1991 to 1993. He copies the music of Henri Pousseur by sharing his compositions as well. The opening of Henri Pousseur offers us highlights at the Conservatory include John Cage, Louis Andriessen, Philippe Herreweghe, Steve Lacy and Vinko Globokar.


In 1986 he took private lessons with the composer Philippe Boesmans. The strength of the first class was so big that it continues still today. For one year Baudouin de Jaer will follow Bruce Mather's composition classes at McGill University in Montreal. Baudouin de Jaer's compositions have been performed by Syntax, BESIDES, Arditti, Quadro, Stream, DODEKA, Ear Unit, New Music, Mulhouse Orchestra, National Korean Orchestra, Royal Liège Philharmonic Orchestra, TIMF and Seoul Ensemble Phases , in festivals such as ARS Musica, Klara, Kunst, Bravo and LOOP of Brussels, Musica of Strasbourg, From Berlin wall to DMZ and Changmu International Art Festival of Seoul, Jeonju Sori festival of Jeonju, Klangzeit of Munster. From 1991, Baudouin de Jaer proposed, cofounded and co-produced artistic spaces of artistic transmissions open to all and with or without prior artistic knowledge, Back To Normal in Liège, the Cirque des sons,  La Maison de la Creation- Center Cultural North Brussels. In 2009 he left the direction of the center and kept this project in the “tripic” space itinerant l’Orchestre d’un jour. From 1991 to 2007 he composed some music for dance and theater mainly for Kyung-a Ryu ECHOINTHEDREAM Company, Pierre Droulers Company, and for the Groupof directed by Jacques Delcuvellerie. In 1991 he made a trip to Central African Republic with AKA MOON and Antoine Prawerman to meet AKA pygmy musicians, a meeting which reinforces him in the natural foundations of the Back To Normal movement. In 2007 Kyung-a Ryu and Baudouin de Jaer founded NOODIK productions, recognized and supported to date by the Walonnie Brussels Federation, a tool for artistic productions in contemporary dance and music. In 2010 at the request of Carine Fol, at that time director of ART and MARGES, and Yves Polliart, Baudouin de Jaer finds the key that applies to decrypt, to read and to play the music present in the 5000 drawings of Adolf Wölfli. Several conference-concerts followed, in Luxembourg, France, Italy and South Korea. On this occasion SUB ROSA publishes the CD The Heavelly Ladder which will begin a long collaboration with the record company. In 2012 SUB ROSA released the Baudouin CD by Jaer Geomungo and Gayageum compositions with his first compositions for traditional Korean instruments. In 2013, SUB ROSA released the CD CROCUS performed by Fabian Fiorini, a monodic composition essay for piano. Also in 2013 at the request of Dirk Seghers programmer at Recyclart, he climbs the Cantata of JS Bach 177 with 3 hearing-impaired soloists. In 2014 he composed LION DANCE for the National Korean Orchestra, a composition for traditional Korean instruments and he composed the ACT I of the chamber opera LA FORET, THE DESERT, THE MONEY chamber opera in 3 ACTS on a libretto of the writer director and scenographer Toulousien Stéphane Arcas. ACTE I will be given at the Théâtre de la Balsamine in Brussels by Ensemble BESIDES under the direction of conductor Martijn Dendievel with soloist Cécile Chèvre, tenor Partrick Kabungo and mezzo soprano Pauline Claes and ACTES II and III composed 'Next year.  He composed The Snowy Owl, for a reduced formation of the Symphonic Orchestra of Mulhouse, under the direction of Quentin Hidley and Drunken Moon for Ensemble Music News, Pauline Claes Mezzo soprano, under the direction of Jean-Paul Dessy. In 2015 he completes Lucy's writing, essays-narrative-fiction, unpublished, and launches into a second narrative from one part to the other, and into a collection of open forms of Belgian composers, The Real Book Belgium VOL I. The Task Being of a size, he proposes a collaboration to the Federation of Jeunesses Musicales which gathers the partitions, edits them and diffuses them. In 2016, at the request of BOZAR, he structured ideas for Cities of Diversities, for 16 resident international choirs in Belgium and VOICES 8 soloists in London, under the direction of Martijn Dendievel. Martijn Dendievel and Baudouin de Jaer together meet the choirs and think about the best way to mount the collective work. That year, SUB ROSA released the double CD Lucy OPRL and Back To Normal on June 91 and in 2017 the CD Baudouin by Jaer Geomungo compositions VOL II. The winters 2017-2018 he composes 5 pieces for a new project of sextet (bass, keyboard, drums, trumpet, soprano sax and mezzo soprano) and composes for the percussions of Treffort of Bourg-en Bresse I am the wife of the soldier Shue Lee. Ars Musica commissioned RUMORINATURA for the ensemble DODEKA, a violin with nails and a soloists iron-to-reed. He continues the work of new compositions for solo geomungo for a VOL III CD that will be released in 2024. A version for 8 women's voices of Cities of Diversities, is created at the end of 2018 in Annecy by the 8 solo voices of Contemporary Resonance of Bourg-en-bresse. Also in 2018 NOODIK productions who has already released the double CD Eight curious sonatas for solo violin with mute edits the double CD of his quartet KOBA (Rock Baroque) ACQUA FORMAT D'ARTE? taking a record of 1991 and 2011.